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“Do you, Evander, accept this duty? To guide and guard Prince Caiden for the rest of your mortal life? To serve without fail and if necessary, to forfeit your own life to accomplish this task?”

There was no hesitation in the child’s answer, “Yes.”

“Do you swear to protect our secrets above that duty? Do you swear your loyalty to our cause, and when given the order, will you be able to kill your charge?”

Evander’s voice took on a harder edge, “Yes.”

The seaside Kingdom of Kallenport boasts an oddity: each member of the royal family is raised with a servant who is treated as their equal. A person who exists as a shadow, as both a council and a guard; to mirror the original pair of twins who had founded the country.

Fourteen years ago, Evander was assigned to crown Prince Caiden  with the understanding that he would dedicate his life to the future King- unless the man should prove unworthy. If such a judgement ever came to pass, Evander would be obliged to execute his final duty: kill Caiden.

When the order comes, in the moment of confusion and alarm, Evander hesitates. Can he kill the man he’s sworn to serve? Or will he forfeit everything in an attempt to save him?


3 Comments on “Shadow Dancer

  1. I am so happy you have finally completed your first book. Hopefully there will be many more to follow! Congratulations Macie!!


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