New Project!

I announced on Facebook earlier this week that there will be a series for SHADOW DANCER and the next installment is – drum roll please – DREAM WEAVER

Not too much to say about the project at this early stage but please stayed tuned for more information as progress is made!

Second Edition INCOMING

I know I said I would have it done for the anniversary. I technically did. HOWEVER I was trying to see if I could re-publish it traditionally. That didn’t work out so here I am again. Some of you may have noticed that the paperback version is OFF of amazon at the moment. (I don’t expect anyone to have noticed this)

I am finalizing the formatting for the paperback once I’ve approved it the second edition will officially be up for sale. The kindle version of the book will be updated automatically – congrats if you own a kindle version. The paperback I will be putting on sale to celebrate!

I hope everyone is as excited as I am for this MUCH better work.



Alright alright I know I just published the thing, but I wasnt quite satisfied with it. And lets face it, it wasnt exactly the best. SO! I’ve been editing and fixing and adding and chopping it into pieces! AGAIN.

I am pleased to announce that SHADOW DANCER will have a second edition coming out in the winter (once school decides to back off and I have time to breathe again.) This is going to have WAY more content and much BETTER content… hopefully.

Anywho. Questions about cost and such will be covered at a later date – I am currently trying to find a way of discounting it for those of you who already bought the paperback. To those with the Kindle Copy… congrats. It will be updated without charging you anything. (hopefully.)

Birthday Sale!

SHADOW DANCER will be on sale starting June 16th through June 22nd exclusively on Kindle! The price will gradually increase as the week goes on so get yours nice and early!

Website Updates!

Nothing too exciting but I’ve added the calendar that I used for SHADOW DANCER to the website and I have a Q&A page in the works – I’m only waiting on questions so, readers, ask away!

You can ask questions through the ‘Contact Me’ page on the website, or message me through the Facebook page

Shadow Dancer is now in Paperback

It finally went live! Shadow Dancer is now in paperback! Even better if you buy the physical copy you can get the kindle version for .99

Get yours now!!

SHADOW DANCER is on Kindle!

It’s official! SHADOW DANCER is finished! And is now available on Amazon Kindle for 2.99! It will be available in paperback form in about two weeks. In the meantime, check out the new SHADOW DANCER page on the website!

Website Updates

So, I finally got around to buying my domain name!

The website is a little better looking now though I’m still working out the kinks – Please excuse the changes and updates that will be happening consistently as I experiment.


Things are coming along quite nicely as far as SHADOW DANCER is concerned. My lovely grammar fairy Ashley Elliott (who is another author heres her website if you enjoy YA Romance with an interesting twist on mythology and monsters) is fixing all of my horrifying grammar and spelling mistakes.

Tomorrow will hopefully see an up-to-date author photo for myself (because, lets face it, four years is a bit toooo out of date)

AND THE BIG NEWS well big to me. Saturday I will be meeting with my other wonderful friend who has offered to art me a cover! *ahem* sorry, she has graciously offered her services and time to make a cover for SHADOW DANCER.

Which means that within the next month or so, you all will be pestered with lots of marketing. Be forewarned!


SHADOW DANCER has been completed!


Alright, alright, I know that I’ve been really bad at this whole ‘keep everyone in the loop’ thing (and media management in general) but I mean it this time! The title will be out within the year!

And yes, by year I mean 2018.

Look forward to an official release date and more promotions to come!

NaNoWriMo Winner!

WooHoo!!! Finally hit that 50k word mark! Took me long enough….


I got a twitter! username is MacieCage if you want to follow me! I’m really bad at it but hey, at least I’m trying.